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hair analysis

To achieve the full benefit and work alongside your personalised chiropractic care plan we at Edinburgh Chiropractic Clinic offer bespoke hair analysis testing for all registered patients.

Your hair is the map of your own personal chemical make-up. Hair analysis testing identifies and evaluates the effects of any nutritional, allergenic and chemical imbalances that may be causing you ill health. From the information extracted we can advise specific lifestyle changes, supplements and foodstuffs to encourage YOUR healthy lifestyle.

portrait of Man in red plaid suit, glasses and beard
Woman with long blonde hair lying on yellow background surrounded by oranges

If you are not a registered patient with the clinic we must complete the registration process before booking the tests

The hair analysis test available in Edinburgh involves taking a small sample of your hair from close to the root in a few concealed sites around your scalp. It is a very non-invasive procedure and gives very accurate results. The test takes around 2 weeks to process and your results are explained fully at a specially booked consultation to make sure we maximise the results effectively.

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