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radiology in chiropractic care

Radiology is part of the core coursework for all chiropractic studies in the UK as part of their five-year degree. All registered chiropractors have the ability to refer for radiographs. This training involves not only taking images but also to read radiographs, deliver diagnostic results and write diagnostic radiological reports suitable to support referral for further services where necessary.  


In the UK, there are very few Chiropractic clinics who are able to provide digital imaging due to the high costs of purchasing and running the machinery.  


Here at Edinburgh Chiropractic Clinic, we use digital imaging in combination with the Chiropractors expertise and knowledge in order to confirm and support a patients’ potential diagnosis, clinical impressions and hypothesis where it is appropriate to do so.  


We have many therapists across Scotland with the ability to refer to us for digital imaging for their own patients and we are happy to help and support the community to provide the services which can help patients easily obtain the valuable health information that they deserve from our trusted Chiropractic clinics in Scotland. 


This is just one of the many services that we provide in our multidisciplinary clinics such as Physiotherapy, Audiology, Sports and Remedial Massage and Yoga.

We current provide radiology services in our Fife and Dundee clinics. Patients can be referred locally from our Edinburgh Chriopractic clinic.

Dr Jayne Brassington discussing x ray with client at Edinburgh Chiropractic Clinic
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